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Houston Improv Comedy: ComedySportz, The Best in Town!
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901 Town & Country Blvd.
8:00 pm


  • Ahmad "Squad" Hernandez
  • Alan "the Family" Yurkevicius
  • Blake "the Man" McMahon
  • R.P. "Boo" Gay
  • Brandi "You're a Fine Girl" Baldwin
  • Brian "Quarters, Dimes, and" Nichols
  • Brian "Popeye" Thornton
  • Caleb George "ous"
  • Carlo "Boom Boom" Minotti
  • Chris "Chim Chim Gigglepants" Craig
  • Claire "Voyant" O'Malley
  • Dianah "Delooney" Dulany
  • Donna "matrix" Yarborough
  • Heather "Deep Sea" Fisher
  • Jared "Hold Me Gently" Doreck
  • Jeff "Back in" Blackman
  • "Choosy Mothers Choose" Jeff Simpson
  • Judi "Judi Judi" Messina
  • Kelly "Hardy Har" Harkins
  • Kirk "du Soleil" Keevert
  • Marlon "High" Barao
  • "Sister" Mary Margaret Allen-Keating
  • Matt "The Love Doctor" Lusk
  • May "the Force Be with" Yera
  • "The Full" Monte Bingham
  • Nikki "Tikki Tavi" Donley
  • Paul "the Machine-o" Latino
  • Peter "Racer X" Turrin
  • Scott "Two Wongs Don't Make a" White
  • Sonya "Lasagna" Villamagna
  • Stephen "Last Minute" Bennett
  • Sue "Bug" Mullenax
  • Timmy "Goes Holly" Wood
  • Trey "Amigos" Bradford
  • Troy "Have You Driven Him Lately" Ford
  • Will "Work" Fordyce