Every Friday and Saturday @ 8:00pm 

ComedySportz is competitive, fast-paced, improvisational comedy that's all ages appropriate. It's not comedy about sports, it's comedy played as a sport. Two teams of professional players incorporate audience suggestions while competing in rounds of improv games similar to tv's "Whose Line is it Anyway." Each team vies to inspire the most laughs. With the help of a referee, the audience selects games, generates suggestions, and determines the winner. The possibilities are endless. No two matches are alike. It's always fast, always funny, always interactive.



Every Friday @ 10:30PM

Our players take your unique suggestions & perspective from living in the city that is called "the 9th most-congested metro area" in the US, and show you what being a Houstonian is all about. This show is for ages 17 and older.


Wizard of Oz: Unscripted

Every Saturday IN MARCH & APRIL @ 10:30PM

Continuing the dynamite formula of previous UNSCRIPTED works, the CSz Houston pros mix things up, incorporating audience suggestions into well-known movies and tales - reshaping an old, familiar story into something new and hilarious! The key structure and memorable characters are maintained, however comical changes are bound to occur under the influence of audience suggestions. The Uncsripted series is always for audiences 17 and older.


Benji and the Beer Babies

SATURDAY, MAY 6th @ 10:00PM (Located at REC ROOM)

A live, interactive and musical drinking experience. Improvisors will put their wits and livers to the test as they play improv games with increasing hilarity and decreasing sobriety. The audience is crucial in deciding who will leave victorious and who will leave in a cab!


Star Wars: Unscripted

Friday, MAy 4th @ 10:30PM

Back, for one night only, the fan-favorite Star Wars: Unscripted! Come celebrate May the Fourth as our cast takes audience members' suggestions to re-imagine Star Wars: A New Hope. What if Uncle Owen's moisture farm was a meth lab or C3PO was a Russian spy? Join us in cheering on the Rebels, booing the empire, and affecting the Star Wars cannon for night only, at the CSz Arena. May the Farce be with you.


Improv! The Musical

 1st FRIDAY of the Month @ 10:30 PM

Houston's only fully improvised musical! That's right. Everything is made up on the spot! The storyline, the music, and the choreography are all inspired by the name of the musical - which is provided by you! Performing on a limited run! Adult situations and content. Guests 16 and younger must be accompanied by a parent.


The EaDo Comedy Show

Every THURSDAY @ 8:00PM

A cast member will take a suggestion from the audience, and that suggestion will inspire the show's improvised stories, characters and punchlines, and because of your inspiration, no two shows are ever the same. This show is for ages 17 and older.


The Great Game Show Mash Up

Currently available by request for Corporate and Private Events.

Audience members go head-to-head for the title of Ultimate Game-Show Champion in this live, interactive comedy inspired by The Price is Right and Family Feud. During each one-hour show, players face off in games such as "Let's Fake a Deal" and "The Knewlywed Game" while seasoned improvisers keep the room in stitches.