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Houston Improv Comedy: ComedySportz, The Best in Town!
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Celebrating 22 years in Houston, ComedySportz performs fast-paced, hilarious and clean improv comedy. Suitable and fun for all, ages 6 and up, this truly is the one show that makes everybody laugh.

Regular ComedySportz Matches

ComedySportz is competitive team improvisational comedy, played just like a sport. Two teams of professional comedians compete in rounds of improv games while incorporating audience suggestions, much like "Whose Line is it Anyway" on TV. Each team tries every wacky move they can manage in order to win the most laughs from the audience and the most points from the energetic, wisecracking referee.

Because everything is improvised, no two matches are alike. Fans never see the same thing twice, and they return again and again to cheer on their favorite players. The audience helps pick what games the teams will play, yells suggestions and ultimately decides which team is the evening's winner. It's always fast, always funny and every show is appropriate for all, ages 6 and up.

ComedySportz Matches are held every Friday and Saturday at 8pm in the ComedySportz Arena.


Created for our younger fans and their families, our ComedySportz4Kidz show features all-star performers who invent the performance with the help of the audience. This show is recommended for kids 10 and under.

This show is performed on the first Saturday afternoon of each month, and is perfect for birthday parties, scout troop outings, and other kid-friendly events. An hour in length, this show offers lots of opportunity for the kids to volunteer and join us on the stage!


Tired of the same old stand up comedy shows? The Great Game Show Mash Up! is a hilarious night of improv produced by ComedySportz and hosted by some of CSz's best performers. It's always quirky, always interesting and always unique.

Although the improvisers will probably keep their clothes on, they will probably not keep their mouths clean. The Great Game Show Mash Up! is appropriate for adults aged 17 and older.


The UNSCRIPTED series mixes up Hollywood blockbusters and classic stories to create hilariously raunchy parodies you've never seen before. Every few months, actors from ComedySportz take on a new tale to be shaken up by your audience suggestions, so check our Special Events for the latest shows. Because of adult-oriented language and graphic miming, UNSCRIPTED shows are limited to adults ages 17+.