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2017 Class Registration is up!

We will be kicking off our new 101 class starting in January of 2017. Benji Cooksey will be instructing the class. 

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Benji Cooksey is the owner and general manager of CSz Houston. He has been a player on the team for 5 years and is the head of corporate entertainment bookings. Benji's production credits include the founding of Improv! The Musical - Houston's first completely improvised musical, making its way into its second year of running,  (713) - An original Houston late night Comedy Show and Beer Babies - An improvised drinking show. 

Rent Our Space!

Host your next event with us!


Thinking about that next party or event you want to host? Think about us when considering the where! We have multiple spaces available to host events, including to open studios and our theatre! Please reach out to Benji at 713.868.1444 and press 2 for more information! 

Coming Soon!

We will have our website updated with pictures of all available spaces soon. In the meantime, call and schedule a time to come check out our great downtown location!



November Special

Give and get this November!

For the entire month of November, if you bring any non-perishable food item or socks to CSz Houston, you will receive a free pair of swatters to use to vote during any ComedySportz match for the rest of time! All food and socks will be donated to the homeless shelters here in East Downtown.

What do I bring?

Canned food is always great! Things that are easily heated up and made will always be useful as long as they don't have to be refrigerated. Additionally, heavy duty socks are always a huge asset! If you have any other questions, please feel free to call the box office at 713.868.1444.


A note from the Owner

Oh hey there! Remember me?! I promise I'm still here and working on CSz Houston stuff all the time. I'm sorry that I had to delay this, but we are back in action with the Newsletter! I'll keep it quick this month, but I promise there is more to come and on a regular schedule! 

Since it's November, I'm opting to do the cheesy what I'm thankful for bit because, you know what, there's just a lot a good things in my life and I need to remember that more often! And those things for me are friends and family. I sum up my relationship with all of them with this well known quote that was definitely said verbatim:

I get by with a [indescribably huge amount of - like way more than anybody should ask for and receive and everyone is so nice and thank you guys so much! you are the best ever like for real ten million times over] help from my friends [and family].
— The Beatles

Friends and family are the best, ya know? Speaking of - here's an update from a good friend of mine, Paige Wharton. Paige is living that sweet Chicago improv life that most of us could only dream of. I was fortunate enough to hang with her and a bunch of other friends at the CSz Chicago Mid West Invitationals in October and got Paige to share what CSz Houston and ComedySportz meant to her in her time here and now that she is in Chicago. Check out this sweet pic of us and take a read:


Timothy Jason, Paige and I at Midwest Invitationals 2016.

Timothy Jason, Paige and I at Midwest Invitationals 2016.

Why I Love CSz Now More Than Ever

"Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I thought for sure my friends at CSZ Houston would forget about me (and I, them) as soon as I left for the Great White Windy North. But like a late-night Whataburger habit, or bed bugs, the love between improvisers is pretty impossible to get rid of. I watch what happens at CSZ Houston from a distance with a great pride, a pride I imagine to be similar to the pride the ghost of Sam Houston feels watching the current Houston Cougars Football team. Love. Admiration. A Weird Semi-Religious Fervor. Since moving to Chicago to do improv, I've come to one realization: ComedySportz is the funniest thing in the world. ComedySportz is enjoyable for everyone, and ComedySportz is very hard to get wrong. But that hasn't stopped new owners Benji and Chad from trying new things. Two years ago, I couldn't imagine CSZ Houston residing in EaDo, running three or four different shows a week. But I guess that's why I'm not the boss. Benji and Chad have challenged what I and their audiences think CSZ Houston is, what it is capable, and it has paid off. I'm lucky to have such a brave, wild, hilarious group of funnies as my improv family. And Houston is lucky to have this theater. Go Coogs!  "

Thanks, Paige! Appreciate the buttering up too, pal! 

Now - go hug your loved ones and take a look at a few of the people I love! See you in December!


Family is one word for this crew thi s crew. Model Credit: Ben Wray Gammack and LoCo

Actual Family a.k.a The Cookseys a.k.a. H-Town originals

Actual Family a.k.a The Cookseys a.k.a. H-Town originals

CSz Houston is celebrating 26 years!

Can you believe it?

It seems like yesterday we were celebrating our 25th anniversary in City Centre and now here we are a full year later in our own arena downtown! We are so incredibly proud to be able to have had another year of laughs with this city!


We've come full circle...sort of.

An interesting tid bit of information to note about ComedySportz is that we actually started inside the loop 26 years ago at the River Cafe in Montrose! Nowadays, many people still associate us with our many wonderful years on the west side of Houston and we are thankful for over a decade of success there. We still love everyone in West Houston and Katy and promise that we are bringing the same ComedySportz matches you know and love downtown and are working to bring even more to you! Come say hello downtown!


Saturday, November 12th

We are having our special match on the 12th of November! We are already over half way sold out for this show so make sure to get your tickets pronto! 


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We can't tell you enough how much we have appreciate the support Houston has shown us all of these years. We are proud to be a part of the communities entertainment history and are excited for our next chapter in east downtown next to minute maid park!

CSz Houston Intro to Improv Open House on May 14th!

Ever wonder if improv is for you?

Join us for us on May 14th for our intro to improv open house workshop where we will take you through the basics of improv as if you were starting our 101 class. 

There will be a $15 registration fee for the open house and if you decide to sign up with us, we will apply that $15 towards your registration for our 101 class.

A little about our 101 class

This introductory course emphasizes basic improvisational skills by exploring spontaneity, staying in the moment, getting out of your comfort zone, finding the story within the scene, and developing characters, all in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Facilitated by a seasoned CSz professional, the classes consist of activities and games that work on and incorporate skills used in improv comedy, including focus, concentration, teamwork, space work (using your environment in scenes), trust, and scene work. You will learn to be fearless and have fun on stage! You'll even learn some ComedySportz improv games! 

Houston Improv Festival 2016


CSz Houston is proud to announce that we will have a lot of our shows participating in the Houston Improv Festival this year including: ComedySportz, Improv! The Musical and Flirt Reynolds. 

The dates of the festival are April 28th - May 1st and will feature great improv talent from all over Houston and the United States. 

For more information visit the HIF website at


Summer is around the corner!

Our 2016 camp offers tweens (ages 8-12) & teens (ages 13-17) the chance to explore their imaginations coached by a ComedySportz pro! Participants will laugh, have fun, and learn some of the games played in our improvisational performances.

They'll also focus on confidence, commitment, listening skills, working with others, acceptance, and creativity - skills they use every day!

In the summer, classes run 1pm - 4pm, Monday thru Friday, with a 6pm showcase on Friday for friends and family. All classes and showcases will be held at the Queensbury Theatre, 12777 Queensbury Ln, Houston, TX 77024.

ComedySportz Kids Improv Camp Dates:
Session 1: June 13th-June 17th
Session 3: June 27th-July 1st
Session 5: July 11th-July 15th
Session 7: July 25th-July 29th
Session 9: August 8th-August 12th

ComedySportz Teen Improv Camp Dates:
Session 2: June 20th-June 24th
Session 4: July 5th-July 8th (no class on July 4th)
Session 6: July 18th-July 22nd
Session 8: August 1st-August 5th