Box Office FAQ

Transferring Phones

  1. Go to

  2. Click the settings icon on the far side of the "Box Office" row.

Ooma Screenshot

3.  Select the “Call Forward” tab, switch “Call forwarding mode” to “Disabled” and click save.

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Checking in Patrons

  1. Sign-In to VBO

  2. On the left hand side, click “Box Office”>”Guest List”

  3. Make sure the correct date is selected at the top

  4. Click on the persons name to check them in

    • The system will keep a tally of how many people are still missing

    • If you want to uncheck someone, just click them again

Refunds & Exchanges

Ideally, we do not issue refunds—only exchanges because our CC payments are processed through a third party vendor. However, if they are insisting on a refund, please email Benji an email with REFUND REQUEST as the subject. Include patron name, date, reason for refund, and any additional information that will be helpful.


  1. Go to Box Office>Lookup/Exchanges/Refund

  2. Select Event, Date, and Click Submit

  3. Click on Customer’s Name

  4. Mark “Exchange” Box

  5. Select “Box Office” Button

  6. Click EXCHANGE

  7. Select show they would like to exchange for

    • If they are not exchanging for a specific show, add them to the EXCHANGE EVENT event, and instruct them to call box office when they would like to make a reservation.

  8. Select the number of tickets for the new show

  9. Check “Straight Exchange” Box

  10. Click CONFIRM

  11. Order total should be $0

  12. Add a note explaining the exchange

  13. Click EXCHANGE NOW

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