The Morgan Frazier Cancer Foundation

The Morgan Frazier Cancer Foundation

provides assistance to families affected by a CANCER diagnosis. Their programs and services are designed to assist, sustain and support families with the non-medical aspects of treatment like parking, food, rent/mortgage assistance and sibling support. Their programs and services are designed to anchor families during and after treatment.

 In 2018, CSZ Houston launched a partnership with The Morgan Frazier Cancer Foundation that served two purposes

  1. To help bring awareness of the Foundation to our patrons by hosting special event CSz Houston matches throughout the year

  2. To help launch the Comedy Cures Program, which brings CSz Houston's flagship improv show to families at Texas Children's Hospital, and sponsors families recovering from pediatric cancer treatment to attend a match at our theater! 

Money Raised… so far

We are so proud of our loyal fans, who have helped raise over $1,500 thus far for The Morgan Frazier Cancer Foundation.



9.1.17 & 9.2.17


Houston Improv Cross-Training Initiative

Station Theatre
CSz Education

We know strong, versatile performers make for a strong and versatile community, so anyone who has completed Levels 1-4 of either training programs is eligible to begin the other program at Level 2.