CSz High School League Policy & Proceedures


A  nonrefundable membership fee (determined by your school) is required from all ComedySportz High School League players. Initiation of a student’s participation will occur only after receiving their fee's full payment and this signed form.


To perform, each player must bring the official CSzHSL uniform. A uniform consists of the following: 

  • 1 pair of clean, a logo- free, cotton/polyester, black sweatpants with a tie-string waist and elastic at the base of the pant leg obtained by each player; acquiring sweatpants from a single source to insure consistency is recommended.
  • 3 crewneck, wrinkle-free, clean, jersey shirts of varying colors as purchased from ComedySportz Houston. Any and all graphics for names, numbers, sponsors, or other artwork on the back are applied by others as a separate cost and must receive the League’s approval prior to its application onto the jersey shirts.
  • 1 clean, white, print-free, cotton, short sleeved, crewneck tee undershirt.
  • 1 pair of clean, print-free, white socks whose cuffs are a minimum 3” above the top of the athletic shoe.
  • 1 pair of black or white, lace- up athletic shoes.

Failure to bring ALL the listed uniform items above to a match will forfeit that student's participation in that match or at the subsequent match in which they are eligible and available unless otherwise directed by the Coach. Wearing an unkempt, ripped, or soiled uniform, or appearing with attributes including but not limited to hairstyles and make-up deemed distractive by the Coach forfeits that player’s right to perform unless directed otherwise by the Coach. Identifying and incorporating these items into a single bag per student is recommended.


The sponsor will schedule all matches and practice dates for the season at the beginning of the academic year. All players must sign a posted attendance record to CONFIRM their previously agreed availability for the upcoming practice or match no later than 2 calendar days before the scheduled event. All players must initial either YES or NO as to their availability status for the upcoming scheduled event. Failure to sign the attendance record within the allotted time will count as half an UNEXCUSED absence. To conduct a practice or a match, the availability of 66% of the team or a minimum of 8 eligible players, whichever is greater, is required. Players who initial YES for an event and fail to attend, shall receive either an EXCUSED or UNEXCUSED absence. See ABSENCES.

All players must attend the scheduled practices with a class notebook and functioning pen or pencil if they wish to participate in a match. Arriving late to a schedule practice counts as half an UNEXCUSED absence. Late is anytime that occurs after the Coach has begun practice. All players must attend the previous practice prior to a match to qualify for their participation in that match unless otherwise instructed by the Coach. A coach will arrive at each practice only after receiving confirmation from the Sponsor or student representative that the sufficient number of students are available for the practice. See SIGN UP.


To play in a match, all players must arrive at the designated match location with their class notebook workable pen or pencil, and uniforms as listed above by the designated call time. Arriving late to a match's call time will forfeit that student's participation at that match or the subsequent match in which they are eligible and available unless otherwise directed by the Coach. Committing to an away or home match includes attending the post-match "Notes" session. Failure to attend "Notes" shall incur to that student the same penalty as arriving late to a Match. The use of any electronic device during “Notes” is not allowed. To establish eligibility to play in a HSL Match, a player must spectate a minimum of 1 ComedySportz Houston pro match in the current academic year. Please ensure that your attendance is recorded at the Box Office.


HSL participants who are attending a CSzHSL match must wear a CSzHSL uniform jersey (red, blue or black) to enter the performance space without paying admission.


In addition to the required items listed on the CSz HSL Technical Rider, all host schools must provide an adequate number of cold bottles of water to cover staff and players in the warm up room. This is in addition to the bottled waters each player receives at each bench on the field.


Successful practices require focus without disruption. Any player(s) observed talking, commenting, or committing any other behavior or action considered by the Coach as disruptive during practice will receive a warning. Two warnings in a single practice grants that player half of an UNEXCUSED absence. Three warnings in a single practice not only requires that player to immediately vacate that practice, but also grants that player 1 UNEXCUSED absence.


To maintain and improve the quality of practices and matches, player commitment is crucial. To minimize absenteeism, the Coach has the discretion to withdraw a player from all remaining matches if the player has acquired a minimum 3 UNEXCUSED absences. 2 Excused Absences count as 1 Unexcused Absence. UNEXCUSED Absences: absenteeism due to time mismanagement, homework, forgetfulness, eating, and sleeping. EXCUSED Absences: absenteeism due to school event, sickness, family emergency or travel, religious observation, and employment. Please sign, have your parent/guardian read and sign, and return this bottom portion to your Coach or Sponsor.


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