Janis Settings

  • Don't use the HDMI input box.
  • HR HDMI into laptop
  • HL HDMI into convertor (then USB into laptop)
  • Set all screens to "Extend Display".
  • Set TV ratio to "1280x720".
  • Set order to 1-4-2 (screen 3 is messed up).

Janis Troubleshooting

  1. Shut down JANIS.
  2. Make sure all HDMIs are plugged in correctly.
  3. Boot up JANIS.
  4. If still not working restart laptop.

Screen Resolution

  1. Shut down JANIS.
  2. Open "Screen Resolution".
  3. Set Screen 2&4 to 1920x1080.
  4. Open JANIS.
  5. Set Screen 2&4 to ratio mentioned in 'Janis Settings' at top of page.