Star Wars: Unscripted

SATURDAY, May 4th @10:30pm

What if Owen Lars’ moisture farm was a meth lab? What if Luke used yoga instead of the force? It’s all up to the audience to decide in a hilariously raunchy parody that is never the same show twice. Improvisors mix up the 1977 sci-fi classic “Star Wars: A New Hope” using audience suggestions to reinvent the characters and situations, and encouraging the audience to cheer, jeer, and participate throughout the show.

Star Wars Unscripted

May the Force Be With You

Due to popular demand, Star Wars: Unscripted will be returning to the CSz Houston stage.

To celebrate this unofficial holiday, we thought we would bring it back to the origin story to remind everyone where Luke Skywalker got his start...sort of. Come enjoy CSz Houston's most popular late night comedy series with Star Wars: Unscripted.


Adult Language & Graphic Miming

Unlike ComedySportz, the Unscripted Series has no referee or penalties for foul language. For this reason, any Unscripted production is an adults-only show, ages 17+.