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Oh hey there! Remember me?! I promise I'm still here and working on CSz Houston stuff all the time. I'm sorry that I had to delay this, but we are back in action with the Newsletter! I'll keep it quick this month, but I promise there is more to come and on a regular schedule! 

Since it's November, I'm opting to do the cheesy what I'm thankful for bit because, you know what, there's just a lot a good things in my life and I need to remember that more often! And those things for me are friends and family. I sum up my relationship with all of them with this well known quote that was definitely said verbatim:

I get by with a [indescribably huge amount of - like way more than anybody should ask for and receive and everyone is so nice and thank you guys so much! you are the best ever like for real ten million times over] help from my friends [and family].
— The Beatles

Friends and family are the best, ya know? Speaking of - here's an update from a good friend of mine, Paige Wharton. Paige is living that sweet Chicago improv life that most of us could only dream of. I was fortunate enough to hang with her and a bunch of other friends at the CSz Chicago Mid West Invitationals in October and got Paige to share what CSz Houston and ComedySportz meant to her in her time here and now that she is in Chicago. Check out this sweet pic of us and take a read:


Timothy Jason, Paige and I at Midwest Invitationals 2016.

Timothy Jason, Paige and I at Midwest Invitationals 2016.

Why I Love CSz Now More Than Ever

"Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I thought for sure my friends at CSZ Houston would forget about me (and I, them) as soon as I left for the Great White Windy North. But like a late-night Whataburger habit, or bed bugs, the love between improvisers is pretty impossible to get rid of. I watch what happens at CSZ Houston from a distance with a great pride, a pride I imagine to be similar to the pride the ghost of Sam Houston feels watching the current Houston Cougars Football team. Love. Admiration. A Weird Semi-Religious Fervor. Since moving to Chicago to do improv, I've come to one realization: ComedySportz is the funniest thing in the world. ComedySportz is enjoyable for everyone, and ComedySportz is very hard to get wrong. But that hasn't stopped new owners Benji and Chad from trying new things. Two years ago, I couldn't imagine CSZ Houston residing in EaDo, running three or four different shows a week. But I guess that's why I'm not the boss. Benji and Chad have challenged what I and their audiences think CSZ Houston is, what it is capable, and it has paid off. I'm lucky to have such a brave, wild, hilarious group of funnies as my improv family. And Houston is lucky to have this theater. Go Coogs!  "

Thanks, Paige! Appreciate the buttering up too, pal! 

Now - go hug your loved ones and take a look at a few of the people I love! See you in December!


Family is one word for this crew thi s crew. Model Credit: Ben Wray Gammack and LoCo

Actual Family a.k.a The Cookseys a.k.a. H-Town originals

Actual Family a.k.a The Cookseys a.k.a. H-Town originals