CSz Houston Intro to Improv Open House on May 14th!

Ever wonder if improv is for you?

Join us for us on May 14th for our intro to improv open house workshop where we will take you through the basics of improv as if you were starting our 101 class. 

There will be a $15 registration fee for the open house and if you decide to sign up with us, we will apply that $15 towards your registration for our 101 class.

A little about our 101 class

This introductory course emphasizes basic improvisational skills by exploring spontaneity, staying in the moment, getting out of your comfort zone, finding the story within the scene, and developing characters, all in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Facilitated by a seasoned CSz professional, the classes consist of activities and games that work on and incorporate skills used in improv comedy, including focus, concentration, teamwork, space work (using your environment in scenes), trust, and scene work. You will learn to be fearless and have fun on stage! You'll even learn some ComedySportz improv games!