Box Office Checklist


Immediately forward the phones on to yourself. Answer the phones and sell tickets like normal.

On Ooma, login using our number 713.868.1444 and "nothing". Select the next to Box Office and type your number in on the Call Forward tab. DOUBLE CHECK IT WORKED.

At 6:15pm if anyone has not arrived or called then call them and find out where they are. Phone numbers.

If someone is unable to attend, immediately report to the MOD. 

Give the HM the iPod. Concessions the iPad and their money.

Make sure they are charged.

Set up the box office table, if not already done. Do not leave your bags behind the table.

Set up for box includes a table, tablecloth, computer, BO cart and the Black Bag.

Complete the Seating Chart for the next show.

Log in to VBO and Set up for box includes a table, tablecloth, computer, BO cart and the Black Bag.

Set up the table with Marketing Materials & the Mailing Lists.

Place any postcards for current shows, the mailing lists, business cards for whoever is the Manager on Duty and pens on the table neatly.


Once house opens, check Loyal Fans in on the guest list & sell tickets to any walk-ins.

On VBO go to Box Office > Guest Lists and it will load the Guest List for the next show. Check patrons off as they come in and make sure to stamp their hand.

At 7:55 pm let the HM know if the show will be starting on time.

If more than 20 patrons are missing then we will have a five minute hold. After those 5 minutes the show will start.


Sell tickets over the phone.

Sometimes patrons call in to buy tickets for the late show or other weekends.

During Halftime Sell any tickets to the late night or Loyal Fan cards to patrons.

Loyal fan cards are sold using the CRM on VBO, for more info use the BO Book.

If there are no more shows for the night. Tear down Box Office and put everything away correctly.

Oversee concessions and make sure to get all the money in the bag.


Submit a Box Office Report on the website after counting all the money.

Then prepare for the next show.