Concessions Checklist


Set up the Concession Stand and plug in the iPad to charger.

The iPad & charger are located at the Box Office. Make sure to set up the stand and clothes rack.

Fill the cooler with ice and drinks.

If there is not ice contact Box Office immediately so that can be organized.

Count your cash, make sure it totals $200.

The bank envelope will have $200 in it ($50 in ones and $150 in fives). This is what you use to make change. 

Prepare 8 waters for the Players, Ref & Announcer

Try to put everyone's initials in sharpie on the lid of each bottle. And have them ready for the SM to pick up.


Sell concessions to patrons via square.

For more info on using square ask another player.

Once the show begins check inventory and if anything is low ask the HM or Box Office attendant to get it.

Do not leave the concessions stand unattended. 

Give the HM the "Snack Request Forms" to put in the Green Room.

If no SRF is available make sure a clipboard and notepad are used instead.

HALFTIME is the busiest time for the concessions attendant. 

If the line gets too long do not be afraid to ask for help. We are waiting on the concessions line to start the next half.

After halftime ask the HM to grab the SRF and then complete the order. 

Any premium snacks and drinks also require $2 to be attached to the SRF.


Count cash and close out on Square. Then put away correctly.

Place in the envelope marked “(Day of week) 8pm concessions,” sealed in the envelope and given to box office. 

Submit a Concessions Report

Make sure to restock inventory in the cart & check the stock in our storage. If we are low on anything make sure to mention it. Less than 2 cases of water is low. Everything else is less than 1 box/pallet.


Return everything to storage and clean out the cooler.

Make sure the concessions stand opening is facing the wall so no one can access it easily. The cooler will need to be drained outside, wiped down and dried out. If you used it on a Friday, you may leave it sealed in storage for Saturday.

If it is the 2nd or 4th Saturday of the month, empty out the cooler & wipe it down.

Wipe down the drinks and leave them out to dry in storage.