House Manager Checklist


Pick up HM Clipboard & iPod from Box Office. Also check in with Box for any special instructions.

The iPod is connected to all of the CSz Houston social media usernames. Please remember that anything posted needs to be as squeaky clean as our shows! 

At 6:15 direct all staff to follow their duties. And submit a Late Form for any late players.

Check their respective lists to ensure their duties have been completed.

Assist BO with the seating chart and completion of reservation signs.

Have all players help place reservation signs.  Once placed double check reservations signs with seating chart. Then triple check.

Clean up the lobby area and make sure the space is presentable.

Arrange chairs, make sure there is a trash can available etc.

At 7:20pm, Walkthrough the entire space and give a “10 minutes until House opens”. 

Make sure house music is playing and lights are set the the correct level. Do the same at 7:25pm and give a 5 min warning. 

At 7:29pm, Check in with the Box Office and see if they are ready to open house

Seat patrons as they walk up and make sure to ask if they have reservations. Take patrons to their reserved seats. 


Take photos of Volunteer Players and post to Instagram

They automatically post to Twitter however you will need to tell it to post to Facebook. Add a cute caption, ideally with their name. Make sure to use the hashtag #cszhouston.

During Halftime help Loyal Fans find the concessions or restroom

Be ready to answer questions and guide patrons around the theatre. Watch restroom lines and concession lines as soon as they are less than 5 people, go to the Green Room and give the Ref “2 minutes to Show” call.

Play the chime on the toy xylophone when two minutes of Halftime are left. 

After most people have moved back to their seats close the theatre doors.

During slo-mo prop open the doors for the Loyal Fans and/or Players to exit via after the show.

Once patrons have left the theatre begin cleaning up. 


Take photos of the cast with any groups that submitted a photo form.

Let the ref know as he leaves the theatre that we have x number of photos. When they come back in take them on the ipod touch and upload to instagram, then email the photos to

Clean the house & prepare for the next show.

Have the players & co. help put away all ComedySportz items and anything no longer needed.

Double check everything is put away correctly.

Have the Stage Manager help you. If something is not correct have the players go back and fix it. Don't do it yourself.

Submit a HM Report

You can find that here. Also make sure the Referee submits the Games Report, located here.


Make sure all CSz Houston stuff is put away in the correct location.

Have the Stage Manager help you. If something is not correct have the players go back and fix it. Don't do it yourself. 

Clean the green room.

Have the Players help you, make sure no trash is left out.

Lock up & Lights Out

Turn off all the lights in the spaces we used, closing doors behind you.